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How to Clean a Fish - Fish Cleaning

Cleaning fish does not get any better than this.How to clean fish.
A video series by Peter Stellas .

Fishermen around the world have changed the way they clean fish after seeing this system!

Want to know how to fillet fish?

Watch and learn how to clean a fish quickly and easily pull every bone out of fish as different as Northern Pike, Walleye Pike, Catfish, Salmon, Trout, Bass, Perch, Bluegill...

The end result can be a completely boneless fillet every time. This method is faster, easier, wastes less meat, and anyone can benefit from it in minutes. It's basically, fish cleaning made simple.

Stop throwing away 30% or more of your treasured catch!  Avoid a family member from choking or picking bones out of their mouths, while eating a meal.  Watch, learn, and share this fish cleaning knowledge with your friends and fishing buddies.

The basic "how to" for cleaning fish:
We always start our tapes with a short segment on how to properly scale a fish.  Not everyone chooses to scale their fish, but scaling a fish has many benefits over skinning, especially if you are baking or broiling your fish fillet.  Scaling leaves the skin on the fillet, and since the skin on a fish holds most of the moisture, your fish will be juicier and less dry when cooked.  Why not cook the fish fillet with the skin and scales on then?  Well, who wants to be picking scales out of their dinner plate? It's kind of gross!

Also, scales harbor a lot of bacteria and by removing them a fillet will be more sanitary and it will last longer when refrigerated or frozen.  Fillets also last longer when they are frozen with the skin on because they don't freezer burn and dry out as fast. This is true even when freezing with using water!

Next, in the process is gutting. Learn in detail the best way to gut fish so that your fish will be truly clean! Scaling and gutting are optional in the process and you don't necessarily need our fish scaler or fillet knife either. The point is: Know what your doing and why.

How to clean Northern PikeWhat about a fish that many consider to be difficult to clean like Northern Pike? Not a problem! Northerns, are simple when you use our belly filleting technique.  Just loosen the bones and then pull the entire skeleton out in one swift move!  All that will be left is a boneless butterflied Northern Pike fillet.  It's fast, easy and anyone can learn how to clean a fish by buying this tape.

Fish Cleaning - Cleaning Fish

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