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Fillet Panfish
Cleaning a Bluegill - "Unzipping" Demo

Fillet panfish and BluegillCleaning Bluegills is easy when you know how. All that is left are two perfect, boneless Bluegill fillets. All this can be learned in a few minutes with the No Bones About It video tapes. The same method works to fillet Crappie and other sunfish.

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No Bones Fish Scaler No Bones Fish Scaler
Order the exact fish scaler that Peter Stellas uses in his second video tape. This product is made by Decker Manufacturing in the good old USA. It is rust resistant and has four rows of heavy duty teeth that will remove any scale without you ever breaking a sweat!

The handle is made of heavy duty plastic that won't chip or break in your tackle box and the price is right for a stocking stuffer or a gift for no apparent reason. pad

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