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Shore lunch sampler

Shore lunch sampler

Catfish Cleaning Demo

Cleaning CatfishYes, he just pulled the complete skeletal system bones and all from this catfish! All that is left are two perfect, boneless fillets. All this can be learned in a few minutes with the No Bones About It video tapes.

Cleaning catfish is covered thoroughly from skinning fish, specifically catfish skinning, through fish gutting. The ultimate end result is obviously a boneless completely un- scarred catfish fillet.  Our No Bones About It tape is the worlds most specific tape on cleaning catfish.  We show tools for skinning fish as well as fish filet knifes.  There are many trick techniques for cleaning catfish.  When cleaning catfish you must learn how to make a diamond with your filet knife by cutting around the tricky dorsal fin and collar bone. 

Another trick to cleaning catfish using are regular filet knife is not removing the belly meat.  The belly meat accounts for about 25% of the total fish filet more specifically the catfish fillet .  Almost every fisherman who is cleaning catfish cuts off and wastes the precious belly of the fish filet. Catfish fillet is sweet tender and lean meat!  Cleaning catfish and ending up with a full fish filet is difficult unless you fillet catfish the No Bones About way!  We make cleaning catfish with any filet knife, safe, fast, and easy!

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No Bones About It Filleting Video - Volume I padNo Bones About It Cleaning Video - Volume I
"UNZIP YOUR FISH" Pull the whole skeleton out of salmon, walleye, catfish, bass, perch, and trout using a regular fillet knife. This new concept of "unzipping" your fish instead of just cleaning them will leave you with two perfectly boneless fillets every time. This new method has drawn attention of sportsment and the media in the U.S. and Canada, and is endorsed by some of fishing's all-time greats. 60 minutes

Don't just clean fish - Unzip fish with
No Bones About It

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