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Salmon Cleaning Demo
You can clean Trout the same way.

A boneless trout fillet is a work of art. Cleaning Trout starts with fish scaling and fish gutting and sometimes ends with skinning fish or fish freezing.  Cleaning Trout is easy, its the fish scaling, and fish gutting that most people don't like.  Fish scaling is not a must if you will be skinning fish anyway.  Fish scaling and fish gutting does prolong the shelf life of a fish that you will freeze whole, by reducing bacteria. Skinning fish is not a good idea if you are fish freezing for over a month.  When cleaning Trout, fish gutting is optional depending on if you fillet trout from the belly, The "No Bones About It method," or from the back, "traditional method."  Either way you will get a beautiful trout fillet.  Ultimately Clean Trout is what the family wants.

Clean trout is a completely boneless trout fillet that is ready for cooking or better yet, smoked trout. Clean trout or cleaning trout also refers to the steaking, or butterflying of the fish.  Butterflied is simply cleaning trout with both sides still attached at the back so your trout fillet is still in one piece. In our Fish Done Right video, we show smoking fish, specifically smoked trout over a campfire, mmm! smoked trout is the best!  Our original No Bones About It video is the cleaning trout tape of the century!  Skinning fish, smoking fish, fish scaling, fish gutting, fish freezing, tools and more!  Its the clean trout, or trout fillet, Bible!

Fillet Trout and SalmonYes, he just pulled the complete skeletal system bones and all from this salmon! All that is left are two perfect, boneless fillets. All this can be learned in a few minutes with the No Bones About It video tapes.

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