No Bones About It!
"I've always released Northerns because 'y' bones made them impossible to fillet properly... not any more..."
- db,

How to Fillet a
Northern Pike

Pete Stellas demonstrates how to fillet a Northern Pike with his renowned “unzip your fish” technique, used by hundreds of thousands of fisherman and fish handlers throughout the world.

The video segment below shows the basic fillet technique for a Northern Pike.

The entire process from cleaning and scaling to the final boneless butterfly fillet is demonstrated on the full-length, 50-minute DVD.

No Bones Volume II is the #1 selling How to Fillet Northern Pike video in the world!

You will be able to pull out the whole skeleton at once, "Y" bones and all!

All you need is any fillet knife and the knowledge passed along with this video. The end result is boneless northern fillets every time.

Order the No Bones About It Fish Filleting Video II for $16.95.

This DVD shows specific techniques for filleting Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and Muskie.


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